General Conditions

1. General points:

In addition to the terms and conditions of the seminar / training / course (hereinafter referred to as course in general), the following provisions apply between the participants and DI Robert Egger.

DI Robert Egger concludes a contract with the participants only under these conditions. If these conditions are not accepted, no contract is concluded due to lack of agreement.

The partner and responsible person for the organization and execution of the courses is DI Robert Egger personally.

Any arrangements agreed in detail with customers, in particular business customers, will be made in any case of the general provisions in question. In the case of contradictions, therefore, the regulations agreed in detail apply.

The terms used, terms and functional titles are given in a general, non-gendered formulation for ease of reading. Of course, all events – unless otherwise stated for special reasons – are equally open to both sexes.

2. Registration / conclusion of the contract

Registration deadline: 1 month before the beginning of the course

Form: by post, by fax and by e-mail stating the course title or number. Furthermore, all data required in the invitation to tender must be given, in particular full name and date of birth as well as delivery address

Obligation: With deposits of the registration with DI Robert Egger the registration becomes legally binding for the participant.

Delivery address / contact details: The participant has to announce changes of his personal data, in particular the delivery address, immediately in writing. As long as this is not the case Notifications to the address and / or e-mail address provided by the participant in the application. By submitting an e-mail address, the participant also agrees to the delivery of legally relevant declarations to him by e-mail.

Number of participants: Due to the high quality of education, the number of participants is limited. The maximum number is determined by DI Egger according to the respective requirements of the individual course. The ranking of the registrations takes place after the date of receipt of the payment.

Confirmation of registration: The registration of the participant does not constitute a legal right to participate in the course, but merely constitutes an offer to use the offered service. The contract between DI Robert Egger and the participant comes off with confirmation of registration and full payment of the course fee (by installment agreement with timely payment of the first installment).

3. Education requirement

Previous knowledge / additional requirements: only required if explicitly stated in the course announcement

Health: Physical and mental health are prerequisites for the course participation. The participant must confirm by a written statement that there are no diseases such as epilepsy, severe cardiac and pulmonary diseases as well as bone and joint problems and / or intervertebral disc problems or the like and that there is no pregnancy. If such restrictions exist, the participant must provide a statement from the attending physician that there are no objections to participation in the specific training. DI Robert Egger, however, reserves the right to refuse to participate in a course or to advocate for a personal conversation. However, such an endorsement does not change the participant’s complete autonomous participation and does not imply a medical assessment of the health status of the participant by DI Robert Egger.

4. Course fee / due date / default consequences

Due date: The course fee has to be paid within 7 days from the date of invoice.

Personal liability for subsidies: If a participant receives a third-party funding for participation in the course, this does not change his own obligation to pay, so that he is fully liable for the full payment of the course fee.

Installment agreement: If a installment payment agreement has been made regarding the course fee, the respective installment must be paid on time. If a installment is due and not paid, the loss of the term occurs and then the still pending course fee is due in full immediately. In addition, the participant may not participate in spa appointments until he has fully fulfilled his payment obligation. For any, due to which unused course dates the participant can not demand any, even partial refund of the course fee.

Default of payment / reminder: In case of default, the participant has default interest of 8% p.a. to pay. In addition, the participant has to pay dunning fees (whereby EUR 10.00 per reminder letter of the DI Egger are agreed as appropriate) as well as the costs of the extrajudicial collection measures (in particular also attorney’s fees).

5. Resignation / termination / rebooking

Form: in writing by post, fax or e-mail

Processing / Cancellation Fee: In the case of contract cancellation or rebooking, the participant has to pay the following fees:

  • before registration deadline: Euro 120, – handling fee (lump-sum payment for the evidence and the expenses incurred)
  • up to and including the 15th day before the course starts: 50% of the course fee (but at least EUR 120, – handling fee)
  • from the 14th day before the start of the course: 100% of the course fee

Exclusion from participation: A participant may at any time be excluded from further course participation for important reasons. These are in particular (exemplary enumeration) behavior of the participant, which significantly impairs the quality of the course and / or makes further participation unreasonable (eg insulting and / or degrading remarks towards other participants, utterances towards third persons, which are suitable for the reputation of the participant) To adversely affect DI Egger, his co-workers and the presenter / trainer, persistent disregard of essential instructions from the trainer). In such a case, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the course fee, even if only in part.

Confirmation of Attendance: A confirmation of participation in the course will only be issued if the participant attended at least 80% of the course hours.

Certificates: To obtain certificates, in addition to being present during at least 80% of the course hours, the positive completion of the intended examination in all sections is required. The unexcused absence of the participant in examinations automatically leads to a negative assessment. Failed or failed course parts and exams can be made up in other courses for a fee.

6. Scope

General note: The training of the DI Robert Egger neither entitle to the practice of medicine in the sense of a medical profession, nor to physiotherapy or psychotherapy, nor to life and social counseling or the like.

Included services: Teaching units by suitable lecturers and trainers in the advertised scope as well as scripts and learning documents (electronic files or paper forms).

Services not included: All services not expressly stated in the invitation to tender, in particular travel, seminar room, accommodation and meals and the like.

Performance changes / Course cancellation: Organizational program changes are possible due to the long-term planning. DI Robert Egger therefore reserves the right in particular to change course dates and start times, course locations, lecturers / trainers, changes to the course program (while preserving the overall character of the course). In particular, he reserves the right to a complete cancellation of the course and a short-term shifts of the course for important reason (eg illness of a lecturer / trainer, other unforeseen events, too few participants and the like.) And the merger of the course with other courses of the same content (eg decreased number of participants) before. The participants will be informed of this in a timely and appropriate manner.

There is no right to conduct a course. In the case of a complete cancellation of the course, the participant will be refunded the event fee. If a course is canceled prematurely for whatever reason, prepaid fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis. Further claims are excluded.

7. Courseware

DI Robert Egger accepts no liability for any typographical or typographical errors in the course documents and his other publications and his website

The documents provided by DI Robert Egger may generally not be reproduced without his express written permission – except for personal, private and non-commercial purposes. The use of, even excerpts from, the contents of this document may only be made with the express reference of the reference and the author.

The logos, diagrams and the like used by DI Robert Egger are protected by copyright and may only be used with their express written consent.

8. Liability

Risk of injury: The participants take part in the training at their own risk and are obliged to inform the trainer without delay of any physical complaints. No liability will be accepted for injury to the participants during training. Participants are required to immediately disclose painkillers, medications that may affect their ability to respond, or other medications that may interfere with training, as well as any pain or other significant health issues that may occur during exercise sessions.

Claims for damages: Damage claims against DI Robert Egger and the lecturer / trainer, which were caused only by slight negligence, are generally excluded. From the application of the knowledge acquired by DI Robert Egger and the lecturers / coaches by the participant generally no liability claims against DI Robert Egger and the lecturers / coaches can be derived. Such an application is the sole responsibility of the participant.

Liability for objects brought in: For personal belongings, which the participant takes into the course rooms and the like, no liability is assumed by DI Robert Egger. The participant has to provide the necessary custody himself.

9. General provisions

Written obligation: It is agreed that additions or changes to this contract can be made effective only in writing, whereby also e-mail traffic is recognized. The written form also applies to a departure from the written requirement.

Conservation of validity: Should individual provisions of the contract between the participants and DI Egger be or become ineffective or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining contract shall remain unaffected. Instead, an effective or practicable provision comes into being, which most economically comes closest to the contract. This also applies to any regulatory gaps.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable law

To the extent that there are no compelling legal provisions (in particular consumer protection), it is agreed for the legal relationship between the participants and DI Robert Egger:

Austrian law, excluding the reference standards of Austrian international private law

Jurisdiction for all disputes, the 1010 Vienna factually competent court