Dynamic fascia

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Centuries old eastern knowledge reinterpreted

Relaxed and calm to more power and zest for life! This is possible through fascia training based on the Shaolin formula. Like us, who suffer from long sitting and lack of exercise, the Shaolin monks faced the same problems already 1500 years ago.
At that time, techniques were developed behind the monastery walls to combine relaxation with meditative movement. Combined with the latest knowledge about fascia, this results in an excellent workout, tailor-made for the modern man who wants to escape the fast pace and daily rush.
Fascias are a connective tissue going through our whole body, that is sensitive to any outside influence. The seven movements and the wisdom from the Temple of Shaolin gently lead to a healthy, flexible body and well-being. No matter which professional group, old or young, everyone benefits from stress reduction and increased performance through fascia training.

  • What are fascias?
  • Effect of fascia
  • Simple guide to Shaolin fascia training
  • Nutrition and care of the fascia

The Authors

Dipl. Ing. Robert Egger
Ambassador of Shaoin Temple, Board of Shaolin Austria, Shaolin Qi Gong certified instructor, management trainer, consultant in business and politics.

Senator MedR Hannes Schoberwalter
Doctor and Vice President of the Vienna International Academy of Holistic Medicine, Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine of the Vienna Medical Association, Member of the Royal Society of Medicine London, Business Consultant