Robert Egger

The neuro-physicist among management consultants is an expert in challenge management: innovative solutions to complex challenges.

As a former project manager in space technology, he is a pragmatic visionary and a binding partner with many years of experience and competence.

  • Neuro-physicist
  • Challenge Manager®
  • Key note speaker
  • Consultant
  • Instructor
  • Author
  • Senator in the Senate of Economics
  • Ambassador of the Shaolin Temple

With “Challenge Management” Robert Egger has developed a well-proven leadership and management system. In his work as a management consultant he combines cutting-edge management and economics with a variety of other disciplines such as neuro-physics, life science, market research, communication, cybernetics, developmental psychology, artificial intelligence and cultural sciences. His work focuses on finding new solutions, result orientation, self-motivation and performance improvement.

Challenge Management is the “Chief Operation System” of any success-oriented organization. It is used by numerous national and international companies to refocus management teams and to seize opportunities of the future in the midst of day-to-day operations.

As a consultant, speaker and author, Robert Egger is characterized by his intense practical proximity, convincing techniques and commitment. He is a captivating pragmatist and motivator, who integrates his experience as Challenge Manager® directly into his consulting and lecturing activities. He provides up-to-the-minute impulses, highlights strategically necessary changes and thus initiates change processes that are recognised in profit and improving results.

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Senator in the Senate of Economics

Robert Egger works as Key Note Speaker for events of the Senate of Economics and is also a member in their ethics committee.

The Senate of the Economy consists of personalities from business, science and society, who are particularly aware of their responsibility to the state and society. They are ambassadors of the Senate and through their membership they contribute to implementing the goals of the Senate in dialogue with decision-makers from politics, business, culture and the media.

The senate of the economy revives the traditional idea of ​​the senates in antiquity. A balanced circle of friends with independent minds followed the common good, rather than just particular interests.


Advising cooperation partner of the Vienna International Academy of Holistic Medicine (GAMED)

The GAMED is committed as a competence center for Integrative Medicine of the holistic view of all physical, mental and spiritual areas of humans in terms of health and illness.

In the international networks of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) GAMED is involved in research, teaching and in constant exchange of information with universities, clinics, holistic medicine centers, professional associations, doctors as well as health insurance providers.

In addition to the promotion of science and research, GAMED is geared towards practice-oriented and continous scientific education aas well as training at the higher education level. It organizes courses, lectures, seminars, working groups, congresses, symposia and courses.


Ambassador of the Shaolin Temple

Robert Egger officially represents the Shaolin Temple since 2002 as an ambassador with the authority of His Holiness Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin.

Clarity, discovering and working out the essentials, effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the essence, courage and performance of the individual are the hallmarks of the Shaolin strategy.

The focus is on